If you are one of those who would like to go a lot deeper than those conventional social media chatrooms where barely anyone seems to make sense and sometimes people lose their nerve and tempers flare, then you can always go to a higher level. In exercising your neuroreality if you will or synthisophy, you get to participate constructively and engagingly with like-minded and high-minded individuals not necessarily of a similar ilk but certainly from the left, right and center. And that is stimulating enough as it is.


In any event, it would remain utterly boring if everyone had the same thoughts or belief systems. A difference of opinion is what makes it rich to live and produce. It is just a matter of doing so in the most civil and orderly manner. There is decorum to be observed and while you are within your full right to be as objective as possible you should still have some room for considering the other. He or she may well not agree with your argument or line of thinking. That is still fine. But it is the manner in which you put your argument across that is important.

It must never offend. There are those who have foregone their civic right and duty in participating in all levels of elections when they arise, little realizing that they do more damage to themselves and even to the society in which they function. The mandate given to office bearers diminishes and it becomes all the more tempting for them to follow their own paths rather than serve those few who elected them to serve in the first place. Each and every bit counts. Each and every vote counts. So, here is your opportunity to do your duty in convincing the other.