Misconceptions About Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers protect teeth from staining, wear and deterioration, and decay from further damage. They conceal any stains that may cause the teeth to reflect a less than beautiful appearance and correct other misalignment issues. However, there are many misconceptions out there about veneers that you may have heard at one time. Learn the truth about veneers skokie il and don’t let the misconceptions stop you from enjoying a worthwhile dental product. Below you’ll find a look at some of the most common porcelain dental veneers misconceptions.

It Hurts to Get Veneers

Don’t think that veneers are painful to wear or to put in your mouth. Although there might be some discomfort, patients receive an anesthetic that eliminates any pain. You’ll be able to have veneers installed in the mouth without worry.

Dental Veneers Don’t Look Natural

One of the reasons veneers are loved by so many patients is because they offer an all-natural appearance that matches the teeth. No one will know that you’re wearing veneers unless you tell them.

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Only the Front Teeth Need Veneers

Most people use veneers on teeth that are most visible, which is usually the front six teeth. However, dental veneers work well on other teeth and provide protection for any teeth they’re placed on.

Veneers are Expensive

Costs of using veneers vary from one dentist and patient to the next.  Dental insurance may or may not cover the costs of this treatment. Nonetheless, the costs of porcelain veneers won’t send you into shock!

Misconceptions start and they get around. Some of the misconceptions about porcelain dental veneers are listed here so you have the truth to the matter. Don’t settle for less than the truth when you want dental veneers to improve your oral health and the look of your teeth.